Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Reasons to be cheerful in midwinter

  • Oranges are in season.
  • I am reunited with certain favourite winter clothes.
  • Underwear won’t show, so it doesn’t need to be chosen with any care.
  • Cats choose to spend more time indoors.
  • I wake with Andrew (not hours earlier).
  • If the garden is tidied, it stays tidy—weeds don’t grow back.
There must be more.


Diana said...

Sun block only required infrequently.b

Diana said...

Soup. Cocoa. Sitting in the warm, listening to bad weather outside. Egremont russets. An excuse to sit indoors reading, rather than feeling obliged to do things outdoors. Lower pollen count. Crisp, bracing days. The prospect of spring.

Sarah Woodall said...

Thank you! I knew there must be some others...

And Diana again said...

Nights where the temperature and levels of light encourage sleep, rather than making it impossible.

Please could you do a reciprocal list in the summer, which I find harder to appreciate?

Sarah Woodall said...

I don't need one in summer -- I'm too busy enjoying it. And I wouldn't know where to start, because so much is good in summer. The point of the list is that it's a short one. There aren't many reasons, so it's useful to collect them up into a list. It would be better if you wrote your own list for summer!